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What's in the Aquatic Park Drainpipe!?!?

July 6 2015

While walking around the Berkeley Aquatic park you can't help but notice the water clarity changes over the passing months. While exploring the perimeter of the park we noticed a giant drainpipe that feeds the water coming in from Addison. The ROV is good at going places humans can't or won't go...this would most certainly qualify! What is interesting from the video is that life will find a way. Given the stormwater run-off, pollution, lack of light, etc. There are still lifeforms clinging to the inside of the pipe. We also discovered that if you get lost in a drainpipe the best thing to do is turn off the lights and look for the exit!!

July 6 2015


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Preparation Stage

We went back to the drain pipe with an OpenROV v2.8 with an external light and neutrally buoyant tether to investigate even more of the pipe.

Expedition Background