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Wheelchair Attenborough

May 3 2018

I have always been passionate about the outdoors. As a youth my days were filled with solo sporting activities like riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, surfing and scuba diving!

The ocean in particular has always been such a major part of my life. My family have operated a marine tourism business since before I was born. My earliest memories are of days out on the water with my Mum and Dad as they taught students how to dive. At the age of 10 it was my turn to be one of those students. Learning to dive only added to my love of the ocean. I always wanted to be on it, in it, or near it.

When I graduated high school at 17 I began full time work out on the boat accumulating sea time so as that I could one day obtain my masterclass 5 skippers ticket and begin operating the vessels and teaching students how to dive.

My dad is a professional shell diver. I used to accompany him on regular shell diving expeditions in search of specimen cowry shells. I loved exploring the unique underwater world we have off of Esperance. I completed my deepest dive in April of 2008 to 53 meters. My life couldn't have been any better, earning a living on the sea!

In 2008 I had a motorcycle accident that left me a Quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair. After my accident I found it hard to find a hobby as the activities I use to love like diving and surfing were no longer possible.

Late in 2014 I began getting very interested in drone photography & videography. I was wary of purchasing one because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use the remote controller due to my reduced hand function.

Eventually in February 2015 I purchased a Phantom 2 and coupled it with a GoPro camera, I was hooked right away. I was lucky to have several of the videos I created become popular online and now have a combined number of views of over 250 million.

I have been interviewed and featured by prominent media outlets and publications including “The Huffington Post”, “Sydney Morning Herald”, “Sunrise on channel 7“, The “BBC“, “Weekend Sunrise” “Today Tonight“, “BBC Earth“, “The Daily Telegraph” & “The Sunday Times“

My dream now is to start exploring the underwater world again utilising ROV technology. I want to create films showcasing vision both above and below the water.

Jaimen Hudson

May 3 2018


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Expedition Background

Wheelchair Attenborough - From Sky To Sea:
This bio style documentary will focus on my life growing up and my passion for the ocean. It will detail the accident that rendered me a quadriplegic and my life moving forward post spinal cord injury. It will detail how I reconnected with the ocean and wildlife again though the use of drone technology. We will embark on a live-aboard charter to the Fitzgerald River national park famous for its wildlife - including, Southern Right Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions and sharks. Here we will document the species during the day and night. I will utilise the latest underwater drone/ROV technology to capture footage un-atainable to me previously due to my disability. Coupling aerial footage as well as underwater scenes will allow me to tell the full story. The ending of the documentary will involve me traveling to Port Lincoln in South Australia to enter the water again for the first time in over 10 years. This time to film a creature that has evaded the view of my camera. The Great White Shark.