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Return to the Molly Rose

June 19 2014
Over the marinas stony breakwater, we could see her upper hull and breathed a short lived sigh of relief. We saw, on closer inspection, she was more on the rocks than behind them and had a large hole in her hull. It has now been 2 years since we sunk her, in the bay off Tree Island, our favourite destination. Time to take a look.

June 19 2014


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Preparation Stage

It took a year longer than expected to get going on this project, but my dad, John, and I made it out to the site of the Molly Rose Yesterday.

We found:
Large Sea Anemone - 4-5 (beautiful!)
Small Sea Anemone - Many
Crabs - 4-6
Flat fish - 3
Sticks - 3+
Hydraulic Boat thingys - 1
Molly Roses - 0
Sea Monsters - 0

We did not have the GPS coordinates (but they are being tracked down for next time.) Also I will be adding the beam lights to the ROV for next time to aid in searching.

Here is the Interest list for the video:

21:05 Stick (and a Crab too)
24:25 Sea Anemone, Large, Beautiful.
28:47 another Sea Anemone, also Beautiful.
31:49 A bunch of Medium Sized Sea Anemones.
32:33 Flat fish. Not a great shot, but it is there!
44:41 Crab and then shortly after, a flat fish.