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Bringing an OpenROV on Vacation.

December 16 2014
The goal of this expedition is to have an unforgettable adventure while on a cruise ship that is touring the inside passage of Alaska. We will be driving the ROV in different ports of call that our ship stops in.

December 16 2014


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Expedition Background

The goal of this expedition is to bring an OpenROV with me while on vacation. We will be on a cruise ship traveling the inside passage of Alaska which will stop in various ports such as ketchikan, Icy Straight and juneau. We're super excited for the adventures that we will have!


What a fun idea! A chance to see so many different underwater places in such a short time.

Very original idea! All the best and please keep us posted and be safe, it's very cold outta there in Alaska!

Looking forward to seeing all the ports of call!

Alaskan cruises are amazing. I worked with the Cruise industry for awhile and Alaska has always been a top destination for cruisers. Shore excursions are great and I hope you'll have plenty of opportunities to use your ROV.