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Sailing for Science

The sailing community knows the magic and wonder of our oceans. Our lives, whether blue water cruising or recreational day sailing, give us intimate knowledge of how our planet is changing. In short: we care.

Because of our sense of adventure, we often find ourselves in hard to reach places that could be difficult for the scientific community to reach. This gives us the unique opportunity to make contributions to science by collecting data or making observations about the environment. In short: we can help.

The Sailors for Science Initiative aims to connect the gap between scientists who need help collecting data, and able crew who want to contribute to ongoing scientific research. The initiative will also provide US Sailing Reach expeditions with an OpenROV Trident to help them gather video and document their work, as well as share their progress with the broader Open Explorer community.

How to participate

  1. Must be the leader of an active Open Explorer Expedition (Start one here)
  2. User account has Facebook verification (Check here)
  3. Send an email to

Initiative Sponsors

Open Explorer Initiatives are made possible by a variety of partners, both foundations and companies. If your organization would like to get involved, please email us at

In 2012, US Sailing launched “Reach” a national education initiative to inspire sailing programs and school to utilize sailing as an educational platform. Reach exposes youth sailors, arguably our most vested future highly skilled workers and environmentalists, to STEM and environmental education.
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2000, seeks to advance environmental conservation, scientific research, and improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit or follow @MooreScientific

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